Burning Question

Pretheesh Presannan
2 min readJul 1
Photo by Ramez E. Nassif on Unsplash

what must happen
to come to the peaceful experience
of being in the body,
being receptive and responsive to life,
without having to think a thought about the same?

“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his height?” asked Jesus

but we are busy
researching or finding
research proofs that we
can be alive to life
or find peace and joy
while being stuck in the head
while being in the comfort zone

“life is hard,” said Scott Peck

indeed life is hard
coming alive is hard

we hate it more than anything
being at the expense of
conditioned trained program
at the expense of robotic inertia
is easy, and
“hard” is something unknown to us
while busy being a sweet robot
but the pain of it hits hard
because we are not fully robots
(as in the case of an AI robot or a smartphone)
as much as we love to be the case
hence we greedily research
to convince ourselves we are just robots
we are just dead things
yet pretending in vanity that we are alive and living
but the pain hits hard again
showing life is hard
coming alive is hard
unlike merely managing being a good or better robot
comparing yourself with bad or worse robots
and feeling quite high with a sigh ‘Ahooooo
kidding yourself and hiding hardworkingly
from the awareness of seeing your own cruelty.

Pretheesh Presannan

Panic Attack Survivor. Just writing. Plays cricket. Design&Develop. You can find short stories, poems, etc, here. For any work mail to : pretheeshgp@gmail.com

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