Do Not Do

A meditation for those who can stand the seeing

Pretheesh Presannan
1 min readAug 3, 2022
Photo by Chelsea Gates on Unsplash

the “do not do”
easily exposes
all inner-doings
as laziness
and the slavery
to automatic doings

and that is good
for if it gets exposed
to ourselves
as laziness
and lack of freedom
then we are at a
better position
to suffer laziness

how to not do
we may ask
we might think
and that itself
is doing (movement of thought)
for we are not here
to figure out
how to not do
which is a doing
but to simply not do
see see see

if our inner-doings
and compulsions
aren’t exposed as
slavery then we might
fool ourselves
as if we are exercising
free will



Pretheesh Presannan

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