The Usual Proceedings

Where the possibility of change or growth is skipped

Pretheesh Presannan
2 min readJul 22


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give the “usual proceedings”
(the mechanical proceedings)
some breaths or breathing space
before it takes away all your breaths
and runs away with your life
let it find some breath
so you do not have to be at-
the expense of those “usual proceedings”
because the mechanical script is-
readily provided in your head
before you act it out helplessly (unfreely) anyway
might as well give that force some breaths
or whatever it is longing for
to be received from life through your body
— opening up to the possibility of change
wherever it takes or however it unfolds
for there is no such thing as charted change or growth.

finding the life you are able to lose in “usual proceedings” — seeing in foresight.

The mind threatens with a “failure” and the pain of carrying“ the failed one” forever, just like how the mind bullies with future regret of an old man or a man about to take his life in some distant future and forces you to live unfreely compulsively helplessly in fear-obedience (while pretending such blind obedience is courage or honesty or authenticity or responsibility–it is not!),
and instead of the usual knee-jerk reflex (popularly known as self-improvement gimmicks)of obeying the bullying mind make peace with the “failing” or the “future failed one” by finding it here in the now and giving it some breaths–come what may. In short, stop being a clever asshole!.



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