Thinker — Thought

To plot our path

based on unexamined assumptions

can be a disaster.

Am I a thought?

“Yes, it is me, I mean it’s mine,”

we might think — another thought.

Perhaps this taken-for-granted assumption

is how we become a slave to thinking-mind.

So then what are we?

Well, before that, we cannot talk about free will

if we assume we are a thought

or we are the thinker behind the thought

because both of them let us know their presence only when they arrive.

I mean, how can we be the thinker behind the thought

when most of our thoughts are disturbing

and also while we hate them?

So then if we are a thinker

why would we think such thoughts anyway?

If so, then the thinker or thinking-mind cannot have free will.

For a thinker to be there at any given moment

there must have been a prior thought

after which we are aware of a possible thinker

to be upset or excited about that thought.

But what if thinker and thought are the same

what if they arise together as a thought?

Or we might say, we could be the “process of thinking” itself

but then we do not even pay attention to it (thinking) often :)

Any way we are able to notice all these happening within us. :)

Panic Attack Survivor. Just writing; so far so good. Plays cricket. You can find short stories, poems, humour, and nonfiction here. Gmail:

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