Wanting to be in the Head

Was given no breathing space

Pretheesh Presannan
1 min readJul 5


Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

he thought the impulse was to think up more thoughts
or passively indulge in thoughts breeding
but it was a call to give breathing space or feeling space-
for “wanting to think thoughts” or “wanting to be in the head“
(Naturally, thoughts helped to justify the futile endeavor)
without any guarantee where it takes one

it was jolly feast time for his thoughts
his lack of awareness or ignorance-
was taken advantage of fully
the fact that this urge is more visible when some hurt occurs-
does not mean it is because of hurt
but the dormant ignorance runs hard on us painfully then
and then by the time we had wasted our life
the awareness might dawn upon us or not

giving time to think about it
whatever it is
is more like
giving space to breathe on it
including habitual thought sleep interference
whatever comes out of it.



Pretheesh Presannan

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