What You Must Do

Is not what’s been done to you — that’s apathy in motion

Pretheesh Presannan
3 min readSep 22, 2022


Photo by Hatim Belyamani on Unsplash

if only we can gain
a space from reactive-doings
the past repeatings
the recordings playing out
if only we had that capacity
to not be in the comfort
of “doings” done to us
from the inside
by the internal robot
if only we weren’t too much
“self-deceptionists” or “self-convincing-excusists”
to take pride or shame in
what’s been done to us
by passively and comfortably
identifying with it
as if I am doing it
just like a character in the sleep
trying hard to make sure
what he seems to do in the dream
is his free will and not sleep-doings
so he can afford to not risk
not being asleep
to not sleepwalk through planet earth
what I must do
is not what is been done to me
for that, for to be at expense of sleep-doings,
I do not need to be
it can do itself
the robotic energy
I become merely a passive spectator
forgetting to play
as the robot is playing for me
robot can fill the time
even for eternity
had you wondered
how you “managed” to fill time
you did not, you slept,
the robot did it quite easily as always
we call it good fate or bad fate
lucky 100 or a bit more years
is the maximum we get to sleep
but what if we reincarnate
oh, then we get to sleep more
robotic energy has another danger
it keeps perpetuating as I sleep
it does not just play out and finish
like the fan that comes to rest
sooner or later
as I switch it off
it spreads within families
while each excusing and fighting
for their right to sleep
saying “you wake up,”
“let me sleep”
“I am the one who deserves to sleep”
every fight is a fight for
who gets to remain asleep fast
now that some dream disturbance has occurred
otherwise what is the reason, really?
so what must I do?
where am I going to find it out?
to my google search engine
or thought-box search engine
but that’s what I always do anyways
for that’s easily done to me
what you must do
is not what’s done to you
for that’s apathy in motion
while you “manage”
to put up a serious



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