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When the breathing body confronts the thinking mind

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The breathing body (BB): What are you running after, thinking mind? I am afraid or have a strong suspicion that you do not know have a fucking clue on what you are doing.

The thinking mind (TM): Don’t interfere with my great thinking, you slave. …

Rather than fucking with it.

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how long would you
want to be stuck in a thought?
how long would you
want to resist or
do self-pity or do self-entrapment

is not a judgment or self-blame
but more like holding the space
or to enable the possibility
to open up a space within
to hold the ego-mind,
the mechanical-mind,
for it…

Obediently executing egos' master plan.

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negative negativity
is righteous self-punishment
for example, feeling guilty
for being anxious or guilty
for suffering from fear
or whatever
the master plan of ego being
if I punish myself hard enough
then God would not have to
come and beat my ass
and so there we go
with the master plan of ego
obediently unreflectively
yet this got nothing to do with

Pretheesh Presannan

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