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The breathing body (BB): What are you running after, thinking mind? I am afraid or have a strong suspicion that you do not know have a fucking clue on what you are doing.

The thinking mind (TM): Don’t interfere with my great thinking, you slave. …

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As I started peeling the ginger with the zig-zag cut end of the knife there was a genuine invitation, so irresistible, to slow down and peel them gently without hurry; reminding me that to miss it is to miss an opportunity to slow down, and to see that the ginger…

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new age mental masturbatory
is all about “change”
‘I am gonna change,’ they brag
‘I am doing change,’ they brag two
‘I am doing growth, you know,’ they brag three
but change cannot occur
when you follow a roadmap
such as habits of worthy people
as opposed to the worthless pigs
as self-help gurus usually brag
there is no change

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everyone boasts
we need to face difficulties
but we don’t face
to remove it from our face
that is glorified cowardice
we don’t learn tricks
to keep us at a safe distance
from real difficulties
and so depression is
— friends and enemies —
indeed a difficulty
one needs to face
not to get busy
chasing a happy improved fantasy
don’t shame…

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Pretheesh Presannan

Panic Attack Survivor. Just writing; so far so good. Plays cricket. You can find short stories, poems, humour, and nonfiction here. Gmail:

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